Employee Benefits at Western Care

Western Care offers employees many benefits, including the following ;


Salaries are based on the scales applicable to the Department of Health and Children.

Pension / Additional Voluntary Contributions AVC’s / Death in Service Benefit
Western Care offers all permanent employees a defined contribution pension plan that gives them the freedom to choose between contribution options. Every Permanent employee contributes a percentage of their salary and the Association also contributes a percentage of the employee's to the pension scheme. Employees can enhance their pension by contributing extra payments through the AVC scheme.
Leave Options Available to Western Care employees

Annual Holidays  
Employees are entitled to the number of holidays relevant to their grade - ranging from 22 to 27 days.

Maternity Leave
Employees are eligible for fully paid maternity leave for a 26 week period and another 16 weeks unpaid leave.

Adoptive Leave
Employees are eligible for paid adoptive leave.

Paternity Leave   
Fathers are granted 3 days special leave with pay on the birth of their children.

Compassionate leave
2-3 days for extended family, 5 days for immediate family.
Sick Leave           
The Association has a Sick Pay Scheme whereby employees receive payment from the association during certified sick leave for a period of time.
Leave of Absence
(Unpaid) – this leave may be granted to employees after one year’s service.
Work Life Balance
The Association is very conscious of the need for employees to have a good work life balance. To this end the Association has engages with staff to facilitate their work life balance requests while esuring we continue to provide quality services. In addition the association has proactively implemented working arrangements and policies which assist workers in combining employment with other aspects of their lives.
This broad definition inlcudes statutory entitlements like Maternity, Adoptive, Force Majeure and Parental Leave, the Carer's Leave Legislation and other mesures such as Childcare and Employee Assistance Schemes.
Other more specific arrangements available in Western Care include ;
Term Time   
Employees can avail of 10 or 13 weeks special leave from June to September. This leave coincides with school holidays to enable staff members spend time with their children.
Flexi Time
Certain grades of administration staff quality for flexi time.  It enables eligible staff to vary their starting and finishing times and avail of a flexi day or two half days within an agreed period.

Compressed Hours
Employees can avail of one day off per fortnight by extending their working day for the other 9 days in the fortnight.