Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How Can I apply for a Position in Western Care ?
Open positions are advertised in the local press and on the Association's website. You can also apply speculatively by sending your CV and cover letter. The cover letter should indicate the area you want to work in. You can send your CV to or by posting it to the HR Department, Western Care Association, John Moore Rd, Castlebar, Co.Mayo.
Q.    Does Western Care employ relief staff ?
Western Care employs a number of staff on its relief panel. These individuals provide holiday / illness  cover in the various services throughout the Organisation. The Association recruits for the panel on a regular basis. To be considered for interview you should submit your CV and a covering letter to the HR department. Your application will then be acknowledged and will be kept on file for 6 months, should the Association recruit within this time frame and you have relevant experience you may be shortlisted and invited for interview.
Q.    Where can I learn more about the types of Positions in Western Care ?
The Careers section of this website contains details of all the various careers at Western Care.

Q.    What are the benefits of Working in Western Care ?
The careers section of the website will give you a summary of the benefits available to staff at Western Care. All new employees receive a handbook that contains details of all the benefits and Policies and Procedures in place in the Organisation.
 If you have any additional questions you would like to ask, please feel free to contact the HR department at 094 9025133 or by e-mail .