Social Care Leader

Social Care Leaders provide leadership and support to service users, staff & families. They support the welfare of Service Users in a variety of settings, from their own homes, to day centres to the wider community.
They lead out person centred services in a range of settings appropriate to individual needs.  It is also the role of the Social Care Leader to ensure accountability and best value in service planning and delivery.
The roster of Social Care Leader varies, depending on the service being managed, i.e. Day Hours, Off Roster in Residential Services, On Roster in Residential Services or a combination of both. Roster times can include day, evening, night duty and weekend, together with Sleep In – depending on the position being filled.
The work of Social Care Leaders vary according to the Service Users, but could include:  
  • Leading, managing and co-ordinating the service.  Working in partnership with stakeholders to ensure delivery of flexible and responsive individual plans based on personal outcomes measures.
  • Responsibility for managing and driving the implementation of Individual Plans (IP's) and facilitating problem solving and negotiating solutions to deliver Person Centred services.
  • Managing, developing and supporting staff, individually, and as a team, including induction, probation, supervisory support and training in line with the Association’s practices.
  • Leading and developing the staff team in supporting the delivering of person centred services, problem solving and seeking solutions to outcomes and barriers raised in the delivery of person centred plans.
  • Managing the budget allocation in a manner that is responsive to service users and ensures best value.
  • Managing the required information to support evidence based decision making, e.g. IP Tracking, SAMS, Incident Injury Reporting, Budget and staffing information as per the Association’s requirements.  Engage with Freedom of Information requirements as necessary.
  • Leading and facilitating local service planning based on priorities of service users and in conjunction with the wider organisational strategic planning and development process.
  • Undertaking the role of named staff by co-ordinating in a responsive and flexible manner, individual plans to meet the needs of service users in line with their priorities and preferences.  Maintaining individual plans as required.
  • Planning, developing and managing innovative and creative services in response to service users’ priorities, incorporating inclusion and participation in the local community.
  • Ensuring a safe place of work, incorporating Western Care Association’s Dignity at Work Policy.  To undertake ongoing Risk Assessments as required and ensure that Hazard Analysis are kept up to date in line with Parent Safety Statement.
  • Promoting safety in all environments for service users and staff, in line with the Association’s practices.
  • Ensuring that staff are aware of and adhere to the Association’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication systems both formal and informal with services users, staff, families and stakeholders.
  • Participating in and contributing to area teams, and other Groups as required.
  • Providing personal care and support to service users as required.
  • Participating in all aspects relating to the day to day operation of the service, including leisure activities, driving transport, escort duties, general cleaning and upkeep of the service. 

What qualifications and experience do I need ?

You will need to have a recognised qualification in Social Care or related area.  In addition to your qualification you will  need 3 - 5 years experience of working with people who have learning disabilities, with at least 2 years of this time at Social Care Worker level.