Carmel Hanley Profile

Profile of Carmel Hanley - Head of Belmullet Services
I joined Western Care in 1984. At that time the organisation was expanding its Day Services 
throughout the county. There was much emphasis on the educational needs of people and the
need to teach them the necessary life skills so that they could realise their full potential. I just
happened to have fininshed my teacher training at the same time the organisation was recruiting.
Since then I have worked in Day Service settings with most of my years spent managing the day
service in Belmullet. My work is to support people live the life they choose. It is very busy,
challenging and rewarding work. For instance, it involves supporting people figure out where and with
whom they would like to live and helping them achieve that. It may be enabling someone find satisfying
work, realise a much longed for experience / event or achieve best possible health.
It is varied and ever changing in response to the supports people want from our service.
The relationships I enjoy are what make my work life truly satisfying. I have known many of the
people using our services and their families for many years and I value that a lot.
I also appreciate the good colleagues who work hard and give of their best to the
people we support. They look out for one another and their care and consideration extends
beyond the workplace when needed. They help keep me focused on what is really important and
their fun and  enthusiam keeps everyone energised. Ultimately, it is the people I share my day with
and the diversity, challenge and camaraderie they bring that gives me greatest joy and satisfaction.
While I have worked for many years with the organisation, my work continues to be stimulating
and exciting. There are lots of opportunities to develop new skills if one enjoys a challenge.
I currently mange Day, Residential and Respite services in Erris and have on occassion also managed
services in the greater North Mayo area. In the past I also developed and managed a successful business.
I particularly enjoy being involved in the design and delivery of staff training events where I
meet staff who work in other settings throughout the county. Helping to influence and form policy
is also satisfying work.
Throughout the years I have never felt confined or llimited in any of my roles and I am fortunate to be
enabled to use my talents and learn new skills on an ongoing basis.