Freedom of Information /Data Protection

This website is maintained by the FOI Central Policy Unit in the Department of Finance and contains information, guidelines and other resources relevant to the FOI Act 1997 and FOI (Amendment) Act 2003.
Data Protection is about your fundamental right to privacy.  Those who keep data about you have to comply with data protection principles.   This site gives information on individuals' rights and on Organisations' responsibilities.
The Information Commissioner's main function is to conduct reviews of decisions made by public bodies under the Freedom of Information Acts. She also reviews the operation of the Freedom of Information legislation and works to foster an attitude of openness across public bodies. The website of the Office of the Information Commissioner also provides information on the Freedom of Information Act in general and, in particular, on the role of the Office. The website also allows an individual to make an appeal to the Information Commissioner on-line.

Procedures for Inquiry Officers under the Disability Act 2005
The Disability Act 2005 provides that the head of a public body must draw up and publish procedures for the making and investigation of complaints in relation to the failure of that body to provide accessible services in accordance with that Act.  The Information Commissioner has now published Procedures for her Inquiry Officers  under that Act.