Useful Links: Benefits & Entitlements

Citizens Information website provides comprehensive information on all aspects of Public Services and entitlements for citizens in Ireland. is based on a personal approach to the presentation and delivery of information on public services and the social and civil rights of everyone in Ireland.  It gathers information from various government departments and agencies, and makes sure that you have all the information you need, presented in an easy-to-understand way.  The site has been specially designed around the needs of users for those times in life when you need information about your rights and how to apply for State Services in Ireland.  It was developed, and is maintained by the Citizens Information Board (formerly Comhairle) to replace the Oasis website.  It is an Irish e-government initiative, and was originally established under the Government's first action plan for the Information Society.
The Citizens Information Board (formerly Comhairle) supports the Citizens Information Centres throughout the Country.  The Citizens Information Board has a statutory commitment to assist and support people, particularly those with disabilities, in identifying and understanding their needs and options and in accessing their entitlements to social and civil services.  See also the Citizens Information website
Department of Social Protection This website explains the different payments available to people with disabilities.
Revenue Commissioners 
This weblink to the Revenue Commissioners website provides tax information and support service for people with a disability.