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Volunteering in Western Care Association
Provides information to people interested in volunteering.  There are many different opportunities within the organisation. It very much depends on what you like to do and what time you have available.

Business in the Community Ireland

Founded in January 2000, Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) is the only business-driven network in the country specialising in corporate responsibility and community involvement.

Energize Inc, (US)
Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism.  Founded in 1977, Energize has assisted organizations of all types with their volunteer efforts - whether they are health and human service organizations, cultural arts groups, professional associations, or schools.  (President: Susan Ellis)

European Year of Citizenship through Education 2005

2005 was proclaimed by the The Council of Europe as the European Year of Citizenship through Education. This website is devoted to Ireland's formal activities during this Year.  The Year was about strengthening policy and practice in Citizenship Through Education across all levels of education in both the formal and the non-formal sectors.

European Volunteer Centre (CEV)
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is a European umbrella association of 43 National and Regional Volunteer Centres across Europe, that together work to support and promote voluntary activity.  CEV channels the collective priorities and concerns of its member organisations to the institutions of the European Union. It also acts as a central forum for the exchange of policy, practice and information on volunteerism. It supports networking among its members and organises conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities such as research.

E-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteerism Community - ISSN: 1531-3794.  e-Volunteerism caters to volunteer leaders/managers who want to go beyond the mundane in the volunteerism field.  It is published in the US and is a quarterly publication, in which a table of contents is posted at the start of each quarter.

Galway Volunteer Centre
The GVC provides information and advice to people interested in volunteering and to organisations looking for volunteers. We advertise vacancies, advise people on their options and help organisations support their volunteers.

Government White Paper
White Paper on a Framework for Supporting Voluntary Activity and for Developing the Relationship between the State and the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland

Managing Volunteers - A Good Practice Guide
The second edition of Managing Volunteers: a good practice guide has been produced by the Citizens Information Board (formerly Comhairle) to provide up-dated information on good practice for the wide range of voluntary and statutory agencies in Ireland. Increasingly, it is being recognised that volunteering is a valuable resource and should be managed as effectively as possible. (June 2000)

Manifesto for Volunteering in Europe
This manifesto has been published by the European Volunteer Centre (Centre Européen du Volontariat, CEV), a European network of currently 38 volunteer development agencies and volunteer centres representing thousands of volunteers at local level. It is targeted at European decision makers in the different institutions explaining why volunteering matters and proposing concrete actions how representatives of the EU institutions can within their respective powers and competencies recognise, promote and facilitate volunteering in the EU. Stakeholders from government, the business and the NGO sector have to work together to ensure a “volunteer friendly society”. This manifesto shows the European Union’s contribution to this common effort. (2006)
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK)
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is a highly effective lobbying organisation and represents the views of its members, and the wider voluntary sector to government, the European Union and other bodies. We are also at the leading edge of research into, and analysis of, the voluntary sector.

Reasonable Care
Risk Management and Volunteering in England.  Results of surveys of organisations and individuals.  A report for Volunteering England and the Institute for Volunteering Research, Katharine Gaskin, November 2005.

Running the Risk?
Risk Management Tool for Volunteer Involving Organisations, Volunteering Australia (2003)

Tipping the Balance
Tipping the Balance: Report of the National Committee on Volunteering, Ireland, October 2002

Volunteer Centres Ireland
Volunteer Centres Ireland is the national organisation with responsibility for developing volunteering in Ireland, both nationally and locally.

Volunteering Ireland
Volunteering Ireland is a membership based organisation which promotes high quality voluntary activity, by encouraging organisations which involve volunteers to adopt good policy and practice, and by acting as a link between such organisations and individuals who wish to undertake meaningful voluntary work.

Volunteering England
Volunteering England works to support an increase in the quality, quantity, impact and accessibility of volunteering throughout England. This web site offers a range of resources for anyone who works with or manages volunteers as well as to those who want to volunteer.

Volunteer Development Agency NI
The Volunteer Development Agency Northern Ireland provides support, training and information on volunteering, volunteer management, child protection and voluntary management committees.

Volunteer Development Scotland
Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS) advances the boundaries of volunteering, increasing accessibility, scope, understanding and value to all involved.  VDS plays a key role by informing and connecting people.  Central Registered Body for Scotland (CRBS) is an integral service provided by Volunteer Development Scotland. CRBS acts for the voluntary engaging sector seeking free disclosures in Scotland. It also provides support, guidance and advice on a broad range of legal and associated issues relevant to the voluntary sector.

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