Children's Services

Children and Family Services consist of two divisions: Early Childhood 0-6, and School Age 6-18 years. Both divisions work to empower and support children with learning disabilities and their families who are living in County Mayo. In partnership with families, the service seeks to provide children with appropriate opportunities to learn, develop their potential and live as equal citizens, sharing the rights and responsibilities of their peers. We work to achieve this through the provision of quality services; guided by an internationally recognised quality measurement system based on Personal Outcome Measures delivered in an individualised, innovative and flexible manner, based on the unique needs of each family and child. Children and Family Services are based on the following values:
  • Understanding and respecting your personal priorities.
  • Empowering you to make choices about supports that will respect your daily routine and need
    for privacy.
  • Working together to maintain your natural connections, to family and community.
  • Assisting you to achieve success for your child, based on your priorities, one step at time.
  • Enable you to identify possible safety concerns unique to your child.
  • Offer information that you might need to enable you to make the best possible choices, by helping you to be well informed about your rights.
  • Work with families to enable your child to have the best possible health.
These objectives are achieved through the following support services.

Respite care offers families the opportunity to have a rest from the daily challenges of caring by having the child stay away from home for a short period. During this time away, the child has an extended opportunity to interact socially with peers, develop independence and participate in local community facilities. Respite options are discussed through the family social worker and children are introduced gradually to help you and your child adapt to this new experience. Respite homes are typical homes in local estates or neighbourhoods that enable children to be integrated and interact with other members of the community.

Western Care Association also offers a shared care option to a number of children who may require more frequent periods away from home. This is in keeping with our recognition of the importance of maintaining partnerships with parents.
Each summer, Western Care Association offers summer scheme placements for up to 100 children. Over half of these children avail of local schemes in their own community and are supported by Western Care family support workers or other staff who work to support the children to enjoy opportunities and activities alongside their non-disabled peers.
In addition to these integrated schemes, a number of smaller schemes are offered at various venues throughout the County, specifically for children who may need smaller groups and specialised supports. These schemes offer the same range of activities which are typical to any summer scheme which include opportunities to be involved in arts, crafts, water sports, sports, trips to local attractions and opportunities to participate in team games. These activities are designed to enable children to have meaningful, positive experiences to learn through play, whilst facilitating the family to enjoy a rest as well.

Families with children with complex needs aged 0-6 (other than children with a diagnosis of Autism) receive services through Mayo Early Intervention Services.  This is a collaborative service model supported by Western Care Association, Enable Ireland and the HSE Primary, Community and Continuing Care (PCCC).  In order to make a referral to this service you should contact the Mayo Early Intervention Services on 094 9060234.
Families with children with a diagnosis of autism will receive their services directly from Western Care Association.  Referrals for this service can be made by contacting Western Care Association on 094 9025133.
Contact & Address Details
Mayo Early Intervention Co-ordinator
Co. Mayo
Telephone:         094 9060234
Primary support to school age children is offered through their involvement in:
  • Multi-disciplinary Supports
  • After school programmes
  • Summer schemes
  • Respite
For further information contact:          Regional Services Manager for Children                                   
                                                       Western Care Association                                
                                                       John Moore Road                                             
                                                       County Mayo
                                                       Telephone:  094 9025133