The Board of Directors of Western Care Association is currently leading the development of our next Strategic Plan. The purpose of this plan is to set out the future direction of the Organisation, with clear strategic aims, to ensure the future viability of the organisation, in what are turbulent times.  It is also to ensure that the organisation is as effective and responsive as it can be.

We are keen to get people’s views / input into this Strategic Plan and have devised a short questionnaire for people to complete.

This is an anonymous survey, you do not need to sign or identify yourself if you wish.

I would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire and return it to us in whatever way is most convenient i.e. either by post, by email, by dropping into your local service or by completing the survey online by using the below link.

I would be grateful if you could return your survey by 21st November 2021

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.