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Mayo Self Advocacy are excited to invite you to join our online Zoom event to share with our community the Digi-ID co-creation story so far. 😀


Event Title: Digi-ID: Co creating an accessible digital skills education programme with and for people with intellectual disabilities.  Sharing our story so far!

Date: Thursday 16th December 2021

Time: 11:00 -12: 00 (Irish Time; 12:00-13:00 CET)


  1. Welcome from our P.I and EU Partners
  2. Overview of Digi-ID and sharing lessons learnt
  3. Innovating together: introducing our Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)
  4. Intellectual Disability Collaborators’ Perspectives on Digital inclusion
  5. Digi-ID Demo and Panel Discussion
  6. Acknowledgements and closing message from P.I and CAP member


Project Page:  

Twitter: @Joindigi_id

Please find here our video invite co-created with our wonderful Citizen Advisory Panellist

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Digi-ID is on a mission to address the challenge of digital inclusion and low usage of digital technologies amongst people with intellectual disabilities. Through a co-creation process with over 200 people with intellectual disabilities across our EU consortium in Ireland, the Netherlands, France and Sweden we are developing an innovative digital skills education programme delivered via an accessible solution/app. E-health applications have become more prominent, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Without digital skills citizens with intellectual disabilities will experience much poorer health and wellbeing.

At the heart of Digi-ID is our Citizen Advisory Panel, seven people with intellectual disabilities employed to work with us for key decision making milestones.

Our goal is to empower people with intellectual disabilities with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their health and social inclusion needs digitally to ensure they are not left behind in our digital age.

Digi-ID is a work in progress pilot and we are currently in the research and development phase, stay in touch to know what’s coming in the next few years… Great things are coming!

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