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  • Western Care Association is a community and voluntary organisation committed to supporting people with disabilities to be full citizens in their communities.
  • Western Care Association provides a wide range of supports and services to people with disabilities and their families on behalf of the Health Service Executive, who provides the bulk of its funding.
  • Western Care Association acts as a representative voice in relation to supporting people with disabilities and their families.
  • Western Care Association is committed to nurturing natural and voluntary supports.
  • Western Care Association networks with statutory, community and voluntary organisations to achieve its mission and purpose.
  • Western Care Association provides leadership within the sector by identifying relevant new ideas and thinking; providing quality supports and services and assisting in supporting people to have full lives.
  • Western Care Association is completely open – anyone or any organisation with an interest in improving the lives of people with disabilities is welcome to join as a company member.
  • Western Care Association’s policy and advocacy work seeks to ensure that Government policy provides for the development of a healthy and vibrant community for people with disabilities and their families.
  • Western Care Association raises additional funding through a range of fundraising initiatives.

       Responsibilities of Board Member     

      Every board member has the following responsibilities:

  • Commitment to the evolution of Western Care Association and support for its philosophy
  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Shaping strategy for the development of Western Care Association
  • Where necessary, deciding on strategic actions required to achieve Western Care Association’s objectives, ensuring that all activities are consistent with Western Care Association’s vision and core values
  • Representing the interests of Western Care Association members. Board members are accountable to Western Care Association’s members and mission.
  • Serving on Committees
  • Fulfilling all the legal obligations of a member of the Board of Directors of a company limited by guarantee without a share capital.

Members serve a term of 3 years and may go forward to re-election. The Board meets at least 11 times a year and all matters discussed are treated as confidential.

The Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and any other officers as necessary.

Committees of the Board of Directors

    • Committees can be formed based upon terms of reference agreed by the Board. The Committees’ existence, membership and terms of reference are reviewed annually subsequent to the election of the officers.
    • Membership of a Committee ideally to be for three years to allow for continuity as well as for ‘turn over’ of members
    • Membership of Committees to reflect different experiences and skills. Membership may also include non-board members, but the Chair must always be a member of the Board of Directors.
    • A record is to be kept of all Committee meetings and decisions
    • Each Committee is accountable to the board - each formal board meeting to have an agenda item allowing a report from each Committee
    • All Committees are strictly advisory in nature
    • Currently, Western Care Association has four Committees:

Finance & Audit Sub-committee

HR, remuneration and nominations committee

Quality, safety and risk committee

Governance & compliance committee

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Western Care Association Code of Conduct for Board Members

This is Western Care Association’s current Code of Conduct for Board Members. The Code of Conduct details what each individual must commit to in their role as Board member - and in all areas relating to their interaction with, and on behalf of, the organisation. Western Care Association asks all its Board members to sign and return this document, and these signed copies are kept on record.


The intent of this Code of Conduct is to set a standard for governance within Western Care Association.  The objectives of having this code are to set out an agreed set of principles, the promotion and maintenance of confidence and trust and the prevention of development or acceptance of unethical practices.

Individual Commitment

As a Director of Western Care Association, I have a legal responsibility to act in the best interests of the organisation. Abiding by this Code of Conduct and the Governance Code for non-profit organisations describes how I will do that. If any of these commitments cause me to come in conflict with my legal obligations then these latter will take precedence.

Organisational Values

As a board member of Western Care Association I promise to abide by the fundamental values that underpin all the activities of our organisation.


Everything Western Care Association does will be able to stand the test of scrutiny by members of the public, the media, members, beneficiaries, stakeholders and the regulatory authorities.

Integrity and Honesty

These will be the hallmarks of all conduct within Western Care Association, particularly when dealing with colleagues (board and staff) and external individuals and agencies.


Western Care Association will strive to promote an atmosphere of openness throughout the organisation in order to promote confidence to members of the public, staff, beneficiaries and regulators and also to promote strategic and operational effectiveness.

 Governance Code

I will support Western Care Association’s adoption of, and compliance with, the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations and its associated implementation actions.

In addition to the above I agree to the following:

Law, mission, policies

  • In my role as board member I will not break the law or act against any regulation in force.
  • I will support the organisation's mission and actively promote it.
  • I will abide by organisational policy and procedure.
  • I will seek to maintain and promote integrity, good governance, effectiveness and efficiency for the delivery of the organisation's mission.
  • If I find evidence of any non-compliance with statutory obligations that apply to Western Care Association, I will bring this to the attention of fellow Board members with a view to having the matter rectified.
  • I understand I can seek independent legal advice, at a reasonable cost to the Association, as set out in the relevant procedure

Conflicts of Interest

  • I will always act in the best interests of the organisation.
  • I will do my work in accordance with Western Care Association's "Conflict of Interest" policy and declare any conflict of interest or any such circumstance as may be viewed by others as conflicting as soon as it arises.
  • I will submit to the judgement of the board and do as it requires regarding potential conflicts of interest.

Person to Person

  • I will act in regard of organisational policies in my relationships with fellow board members, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries or anyone I come into contact with in my role as board member.

Guardian of the organisation's reputation

  I will not speak as a board member to the media or any public forum without the prior knowledge and approval of the Chair or the Chief Executive Officer.

  • When I am asked to represent the organisation, any comments I make will reflect current policy even if I do not agree with them.
  • When speaking as a private citizen I will aim to uphold the reputation of the organisation and those who work and volunteer for it.
  • I will respect organisational, board and individual confidentiality.
  • I will take an active interest in the organisation's public image.

Personal Gain

  • I will not personally gain from my role as a board member nor will I permit others to do so as a result of my actions or negligence.
  • I will document expenses and seek reimbursement according to agreed procedure.
  • I will not accept gifts or hospitality without the consent of the Chair.
  • I will use organisational resources responsibly, when authorised in accordance with procedure.

At Board Level

  • I will embody the principles of good governance in all my actions and live up to the trust placed in me by Western Care Association.
  • I will abide by the board governance procedures and practice.
  • I will commit to attend all board meetings, and in the event of unavoidable inability to attend, will observe the Board Attendance Policy.
  • I will strive to be familiar with all agenda items sent to me in good time and be prepared to contribute my opinions during meetings.
  • I will honour the authority of the Chair.
  • I will maintain a respectful attitude to the opinions of others.
  • I understand that decisions will ideally be made by consensus, but may be by vote.  I will consider any majority vote as a corporate decision, and will accept and support it.
  • I will maintain confidentiality unless authorised to speak on matters outside board meetings.

Enhancing governance

  • I commit to supporting Western Care Association's compliance with the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations.
  • I will participate in appropriate induction, training and development of board activities.
  • I will support the Chief Executive Officer in his/her executive role and the Chair in his/her leadership role.
  • I will visit services, in conjunction with the relevant managers, to meet with people using services, their families and staff, to ensure an effective connection between my governance role and the people using and providing services and supports.

Leaving the board

  • I understand that any substantial breach of this code may result in my removal from the board ¹
  • Should I wish to resign I will inform the Chair in writing, stating my reasons for resigning from the board.
  • I will participate in an exit interview if requested.

In addition, I commit to the Code of Conduct which applies to all Board members of the Association and staff, as set out in the Association's policies.


Signed:  ________________________         Date:  ________________


Board member of Western Care Association


[1] The process for dealing with breaches of this Code of Conduct is that any such breaches will be reviewed by the Governance Committee for subsequent consideration and decision by the Board.

Western Care Association – Information on becoming a Member

If you are a parent, family member or supporter of a person with an intellectual disability and/or autism who receives a service from Western Care, one of the ways to support this person is by becoming a member of Western Care.

  • Only members have the right to attend, ask questions and vote on any issue at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association.
  • Only members can elect members to the Board of Directors.
  • Members are invited to attend a Regional Meeting twice a year.
  • Members will get an Annual Report telling them how your money is spent

We all want the best possible service for people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.  Being a member, attending Regional meetings and the AGM will give you the chance to ensure that this is what happens.

No fee is required. Membership is open to anyone in your household or any of your friends or neighbours who have an interest in the wellbeing of those served by Western Care Association.

It is important for the Association to have the engagement and support of members and we want to thank all our current members for their involvement to date.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in being a member, please let them know that they too can apply.

To become a member, please fill in the attached form and return it to:

Application Form - Individual Member of Western Care Association

The Chairperson

Western Care Association

John Moore Road


Co. Mayo

or email to info@westerncare.com

We will check with you from time to time to ensure you wish to remain on the register.  If at any time, you wish to be removed from the Register, you can do this by writing to the Chairperson, Western Care Association, John Moore Road, Castlebar, Mayo at any time.

Western Care Association exists to empower people with a wide range of learning and associated disabilities in Mayo to live full and satisfied lives as equal citizens. We achieve this through the provision of a comprehensive range of innovative services and supports.

We are a voluntary organisation, made up of parents/family members, service users, staff, supporters and volunteers, and, in keeping with our pioneering traditions, we believe in:

  • Supporting service users in making choices
  • Community-based services
  • Partnership with families and service users
  • The essential value of the voluntary organisation
  • The vital input of volunteers and friends.
  • The principle of accountability.
  • The unique contribution of all our staff
  • Partnership, unity of purpose and mutual respect in the achievement of our aims
  • Service through partnership and co-ordination with local and national organisations
  • Continually learning to improve the quality of the way we do things
  • The pursuit of equality of access and full service for all  

Western Care Association has a wide range of policies and procedures that are used to guide our practice and to ensure that the Association is compliant with a range of obligations, as set out under various legislation and regulations.  The following policies can be accessed by clicking on them:

Code of Conduct
Complaints Policy 

List of Complaints Officers

Complaints Register

Referrals and Admissions 

External Referral Form

School Leavers Process - being updated
Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons
Western Care Association operates a NO TOLERANCE approach to any form of abuse against people using its service, as the safety and wellbeing of service users is the Association's foremost concern.
Any act of intimidation, threat of violence, act of violence or threat of any type of abuse as defined in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National Policy and Procedure will not be tolerated.
National Safeguarding Policy for Vulnerable Adults

National Safeguarding Flow Chart

Preliminary Screening Form (PSF1)

Safeguarding Plan (FSP1)

Adult Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection and Welfare Policy, Procedures and Practice

The organisation also has the following policies and procedures in place and you can get a copy of these by emailing info@westerncare.com or phone (094) 9025133.

Essential Policies Supporting Practice Policies
Adult Safeguarding Policy/Accessible

Best Possible Health/Accessible

Child Protection Procedure/Statement

Code of Conduct  /Accessible


Community Connections/Accessible

Complaints Procedure

Department Safety Statement Policy /

Dignity at Work/

Emergency Procedure/Accessible

Fire Safety

Incident Reporting

Infection Control Guidelines/Accessible

Listening and Responding to People

Manual Handling

Medication/Accessible Medication Policy

Missing Person Procedure/Accessible

Organisational Safety Statement

Personal Intimate Care/Accessible

Protected Disclosures of Information

Records Management Procedure

Data Protection Procedure

Restrictive Practice

Rights/Accessible Rights Policy

Risk Management for Individuals

Regulations for Service Users' Monies

Supervisory Support

Access to Training and

CCTV guidelines

Driving for all Policy

Dysphagia Policy

Education for Children Policy

Empowering People    Work/Accessible

End of Life Care


Falls Risk Reduction Policy

Food and Nutrition /Accessible

IP (Adults)/ (Autism)/ (Children’s Respite)

Information to Residents

Loss and Bereavement Policy

Managing and Reporting a Death

Organisation risk policy 2020b

Peg Feeding

Referrals Policy

School Leavers

Visitors Policy/Accessible Visitors Policy

Quality Assurance Statement

Human Resources Finance
Adverse Weather Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Completion of Payroll Returns

Court Procedure

Disciplinary Procedure

Employee Assistance Programme

Employment Following Retirement

Garda Vetting Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Inclusive Recruitment Policy/Accessible Procedure

Information Technology

Lone Workers Procedure

Managing Investigations

Probation Policy

Recognised Qualification Procedure

Replacement of Staff

Serious Assault Payment Scheme

Sick Leave Policy

Smoke Free Workplace

Staff Attendance Record

Staff Development Through Training

Time in Lieu


WCA Guidance for Trust in Care


Budget Management Philosophy

Budget Process

Capital Expenditure Income Regulations

Conflict of Interest Policy

Internal Audit Procedure

Maintenance Procedures

Payroll Systems Regulations

Petty Cash - Imprest Account Regulations

Information Technology

Post Opening Regulations

Regulation for Income and Receipts

Regulation for Purchasing, Goods

Regulation for Tenders and Quotations

Regulation for Travelling Expenses

Statement of Internal Financial Control

The Service Agreement with the HSE can be found by click here